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    Rollink » Community » Packing » How To Pack A Suitcase To Maximize Space — 9 Expert Tips You’ll Love!
    A woman packing a suitcase​

    How To Pack A Suitcase To Maximize Space — 9 Expert Tips You’ll Love!


    So you’ve filed your paid time off (PTO) request, booked your flight, secured your accommodation and started a calendar countdown, marking off each day until your big trip arrives. 

    But before you get too excited imagining yourself lying in a hammock with a margarita in hand, you’ll first need to figure out how to get all of your essentials from here to there, so you can rock your favorite clothes and accessories on your trip! 

    If the thought of packing comes with feelings of dread, we get it — you’re not alone. In fact, 65% of Americans admit that packing is the most difficult and stressful part of going on a vacation. The top stressors? Forgetting travel essentials and overpacking. 

    That’s precisely why we’ve gathered our travel experts — to provide all the best kept secrets when it comes to packing a suitcase, so you can avoid the stress and revel in the excitement of your trip ahead! 

    Along with our expert tips on how to pack a suitcase to maximize space, we’ll share our must-have travel accessories to bring along on your journey. 

    Let’s start packing! 

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    The Most Efficient Way To Pack A Suitcase, According to Experts 

    We know there’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to packing, so what exactly is the most efficient way to pack a suitcase? 

    Buckle your seatbelt — we’ve gathered all of the top tips and we’re ready to share. Here’s how to pack a suitcase to maximize space. 

    With Vega and Aura, you can pack a suitcase easily due to their extra space

    1. Assess The Available Space In Your Suitcase 

    Before dropping in all the items you want to bring on your much-deserved trip, start at the beginning and assess the following: 

    • The size of your suitcase 
    • The available space in your suitcase 
    • Whether you’re packing a carry-on or a checked bag 

    If you’re traveling alone or headed out for a short trip, a carry-on might be all you need. But if your list of essentials is longer than most, you might need to upgrade to a checked bag. 

    According to Travel + Leisure, the standard American domestic carry-on luggage size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ — just small enough to fit in a plane’s overhead compartment on most major airlines. 

    If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect suitcase for your trip, allow us to introduce the Flex Vega and the Flex Aura — the world’s slimmest collapsible luggage. 

    If you’re headed for a short weekend getaway or a quick business trip, the Flex Vega Medium Suitcase is the perfect carry on choice for storing three to four days’ worth of clothes and two to three pairs of shoes. 

    Staying a little longer? Then the Flex Aura Cabin Suitcase has you covered. 

    If you need more space to store all your OOTD piece, both the Flex Vega and Flex Aura come in Cabin Plus sizes, ideal for packing even more travel essentials! 

    2. Prepare Your Packing List 

    Packing is a science that often takes years for even the most frequent travelers to learn. 

    Creating a list of travel essentials can help you streamline the packing process and ensure you don’t forget anything important (we have our eye on you, charging cord!)  

    Your packing list will depend on destination and trip duration. 

    Are you heading on a tropical getaway where the sunsets are endless and the coconut palm trees sway? If so, you won’t want to forget your hat or sunscreen to prevent a cherry red sunburn. 

    Or, maybe you’re headed to a cooler destination with snow-capped mountains and wildlife galore? In this case, you can’t forget your gloves and cozy sweaters! 

    The bottom line? A packing list can be the difference between a harried vacation and a carefree holiday. 

    How To Fold Clothes To Save Space In Your Luggage 

    Once you’ve picked out your suitcase of choice and created a detailed packing list, it’s time to start packing! 

    3. Roll Clothes Instead Of Folding 

    It’s time to answer the age-old question once and for all: Does rolling your clothes really save more space in your luggage? 

    Whether you’re on team roll or on team fold, our experts say that rolling clothes saves space. 

    Folded clothes take more of your suitcase’s surface area and you end up stacking clothes, taking up more of your luggage’s height space as well. 

    On the other hand, rolled clothes can fill in even the smallest gaps of your suitcase, allowing you to take advantage of every nook and cranny available. 

    To roll tops: 

    • Lay the shirt face-down on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles 
    • Fold the sleeves towards the center 
    • Take the hem of your shirt and fold it one inch, in an upward direction 
    • From the hem to the collar of your shirt, gently roll your shirt 

    To roll jeans or other pants: 

    • Lay your pants or jeans face-down on a flat surface and smooth out any wrinkles 
    • Fold the pant in half 
    • Roll your pants by starting at the waist, and going all the way down to the hem of each pant leg 
    Rolled colorful clothes in a luggage
    Rolling clothes allows you to fill in even the smallest gaps of your suitcase 

    4. Create A Strategy When Arranging Clothes 

    Now that you’ve rolled your clothes, it’s time to create a game plan for where each item goes in your suitcase.


    Place heavy items such as sweatshirts, coats, jackets and jeans near the bottom of your suitcase. After adding your heavy clothing, drop in your lightweight clothes such as shirts, tops and skirts. 

    Why does this approach make sense? 

    When your suitcase gets tossed and moved around during your trip, heavy clothing will give your suitcase more balance and prevent it from tipping over. 

    5. Use Packing Cubes 

    Gone are the days when Ziploc bags were the best way to organize socks, cosmetics and other essentials for your trip. Packing cubes — small bags built to organize your travel goodies — are here to stay!  

    What’s all the rave about these tiny (yet mighty) travel bags? 

    Not only do they organize your smaller belongings, but packing cubes act as a grab and go travel big. 

    For example, if you’re on the go and want to freshen up, just grab your packing cube and head into a restroom — no need to rummage through your entire suitcase looking for what you need. 

    Packing cubes are perfect for smaller items such as power cords, socks and accessories. 

    Our Rollink Packing Cubes help you stay organized while you travel. Perfectly arrange your slippers, jewelry, hair care and other essentials for a hassle-free trip. 

    The best part? Our packing cubes are water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about spills! 

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    How To Pack A Suitcase To Maximize Space: Packing Toiletries, Shoes And Other Travel Must-Haves 

    When packing a suitcase with toiletries and other travel essentials, follow our expert tips: 

    6. Use A Toiletry Bag 

    A toiletry bag is a travel must-have, thanks to its grab-and-go feature. 

    On top of convenience, a toiletry bag ensures all of your hygiene, shower, skincare and medical essentials can be found in one place. 

    When it comes to this travel essential, opt for a water-resistant bag that’s durable and easy to clean. 

    Given that shampoo, sunscreen and many other toiletries are liquid-based, spills are a possibility, which is why the material of the bag is an important factor. 

    On top of water-resistant material, look for a toiletry bag with multiple pockets or compartments for hassle-free organizing. 

    With our Rollink Hanging Toiletry Bag, you can keep your toiletries close by while keeping them organized and secured during your flight or road trip. 

    Thanks to its multiple compartments, the bag offers plenty of space for your essentials. Just pop them into the bag, seal it with the full closure zip and you’re ready to go! 

    Bonus tip: To prevent leaks and spills from your shampoo or sunblock, place a layer of plastic wrap on the mouth of the bottle and screw the bottle’s cap back on to keep the plastic in place! 

    The best part? Our packing cubes are water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about spills! 

    7. Pack Travel-Sized Containers 

    What’s next? Step your packing game up a notch by investing in travel-sized containers. 

    While it may be tempting to pack your regular-sized shampoo bottle from home, packing full-sized containers (which may be partly empty) can waste precious luggage space.  

    If you’re on a budget, refill travel-sized bottles with your favorite shampoo or conditioner from home. Or, if you have a few extra bucks, purchase travel-sized shampoo bottles and other bite-sized toiletries (like toothpaste!) from the store. 

    8. Pack Your Shoes With The Rule Of 3 

    Shoes are often the likely culprit for taking up the most room in your suitcase. The Rule of 3 suggests bringing up to 3 pairs of shoes so you leave nothing behind while also avoiding overpacking.

    9. Pack Your Electronics Last 

    From charging cables and adapters to laptops and bulky cameras, electronics are travel must-haves so you can capture every moment for the gram or even work on the go. 

    While electronic gear can weigh you down, here are packing tips you can follow so your suitcase doesn’t end up overly bulky: 

    • Pack large electronics last, such as your laptop and tablet, so you can easily grab them — especially during security screening at the airport 
    • Keep your charging cables and adapters organized in a packing cube so you don’t have to rummage through your luggage to find them 
    • Utilize a multi-charger cable to reduce the number of charging cables you’ll need — especially if your gadgets have different types of charging ports 

    Rollink Products To Help You Pack A Suitcase To Maximize Space 

    At Rollink, we’ve pulled out all the stops so you can hit the road or catch your flight worry-free. 

    Meet Flex Vega and Flex Aura, our durable luggage designed to fit your busy lifestyle. 

    Made from durable polycarbonate hard shells, Flex Vega and Flex Aura are water-, scratch-, and impact-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage or your belongings getting damaged during your journey. 

    The silent, coated wheels and height-adjustable telescopic handle allow for smooth gliding, so you can carry on with your adventure with ease. 

    Rollink Flex Vega
    Meet Flex Vega – the world’s slimmest collapsible luggage, designed to suit your every style and need

    Flex Vega features include: 

    • Durable polycarbonate hard shell 
    • Available in three sizes: Cabin, Cabin Plus and Medium 
    • Scratch, water and impact resistant 
    • Silent, coated wheels for smooth gliding 
    • Hassle-free storage at home and on the go 
    • Quick-access side pocket for essentials 
    • Height-adjustable telescopic handle 
    • Fits carry-on requirements for most major airlines 
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    Become a packing pro and organize your suitcase like never before with our Rollink travel accessories. 

    Our Hanging Toiletry Bag offers compact convenience right at your fingertips. Store all of your travel essentials in one compact yet mighty bag, transport them safely and simply hang the bag so your products are within reach once you arrive safely at your destination. 

    For extra organized packing, check out our Packing Cubes, wrinkle- and water-resistant to keep your clothes and other travel must-haves safe and ready to wear at any stage of your journey. 

    At Rollink, we make your journey just as exciting as reaching your destination! 

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    How To Pack A Suitcase To Maximize Space — Key Takeaways 

    While packing can be time-consuming and certainly requires a little effort, you can pack like a pro and fit all of your trip essentials safely in your suitcase with our expert tips and tricks. 

    To pack a suitcase and maximize space: 

    • Assess the available space in your suitcase 
    • Prepare your packing list 
    • Roll clothes instead of folding 
    • Create a strategy when arranging clothes 
    • Use packing cubes 
    • Use a toiletry bag 
    • Pack travel-sized containers 
    • Pack your shoes with the rule of three 
    • Pack your electronics last

    At Rollink, our collapsible luggage is made for every traveler, whether plane, train, boat or automobile-bound. 

    Our durable bags and convenient travel accessories are designed to keep your worries at bay by securing your items on the go while transporting them in style. 

    Are you ready for your next adventure? 

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