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    Rollink » Community » Packing » Lost Luggage: What The Recent Airport Chaos Taught Us About Using Carry-Ons 

    Lost Luggage: What The Recent Airport Chaos Taught Us About Using Carry-Ons 


    An estimated 220,000 checked bags among United States airlines were damaged or lost in April 2022 — a whopping 135% increase from April of the previous year. 

    So why is this so-called airmageddon happening? And what does it mean for travelers during the busy summer months? We’re about to find out! 

    We’ll dive into some of the key factors in the global airport crisis, and explain why a carry-on bag is a reliable solution to the recent chaos. 

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    The Global Airport Crisis: What To Plan For 

    Travelers in various airports across the globe are experiencing lost bags due to mechanical disruptions in airport baggage systems and staff shortages. Here’s a quick look at what’s in the news: 

    Airport Chaos In Canada: Lost Luggage And A Stranded Pup 

    One flyer from France faced a luggage debacle in June when she landed in Montreal for her connecting flight to New York City, only to find that two of her checked bags were missing. 

    After filling out online forms, getting in touch with customer service through Twitter and waiting two hours on the phone to talk to a representative, the traveler has yet to receive a response about the status of her lost luggage

    Here’s a glimpse of the baggage situation at the Toronto Pearson International Airport: 

    Adding to the airport fiasco in Canada, a dog was stranded in his crate with other misplaced luggage, and the poor pup was found by airport staff 21 hours after the owner’s flight had landed! 

    This traumatizing scenario was the result of a staff shortage that left airport employees unable to meet the high demand of the summer holidays. 

    Airport Chaos In London: Stinky Suitcases And The Great Suitcase Scavenger Hunt 

    Even London’s famed airport, Heathrow, hasn’t been spared from the airport chaos. In June, luggage piled up at London’s Heathrow Airport following a glitch with the airport’s luggage system, and a series of flight delays and cancellations due to an uptick in demand and a staff shortage. 

    Heathrow Scavenger Hunt!

    Travelers even claimed that the piles of bags started smelling. Yikes! 

    Check it out!

    Airport Chaos Around The World: Suitcase Traveled All The Way To Paris Alone 

    The recent airport chaos is making the unexpected — and seemingly impossible — happen, such as luggage arriving in a different country. One family from Cleveland, Ohio, arrived in Vienna for their son’s graduation. The catch? Their luggage was in Paris! 

    The family had layovers in Washington, DC and Barcelona, but certainly not in the City of Love. Thanks to the travelers’ Apple AirTag, they were able to trace the bag’s whereabouts, which urged them to file luggage complaints with the airline and airport. 

    Why A Carry-On Bag Is A Foolproof Solution To The Recent Airport Chaos 

    Once you’ve emptied the contents of your luggage, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig a little deeper to make sure the inside of your suitcase is clean and ready to go when you pull it With the recent airport chaos, now is the best time to play it safe and pack your belongings into a carry-on bag. Here’s why a carry-on bag is the best choice for your next vacation: 

    Prevents Lost Luggage 

    A carry-on ensures all of your belongings stay safely with you, from the moment you depart until the moment you reach your destination. 

    In addition, it saves you from the hassle of a lost luggage scenario, such as filing lost luggage forms, painstakingly waiting for a customer representative to get back to you and the feeling of anxiety, wondering when your belongings will be returned to you. 

    Ensures Your Travel Essentials Are With You At All Times 

    A carry-on ensures all of your essentials are by your side when you need them, when you’re stuck in the airport due to a delay. 

    Picture this: You’re traveling internationally, experiencing a three-hour flight delay with your connecting flight and your phone’s battery is running low. 

    The bad news? All your essentials, including your phone charger, are in your checked baggage. Yikes! 

    A carry-on bag is a foolproof solution to the recent airport chaos 

    How To Choose A Carry-On: Key Factors To Consider 

    Before you rush to the nearest store to get your new carry-on luggage, consider the following factors to help you pick the perfect companion for your next adventure. 


    Before setting out on a suitcase hunt, determine what size your carry-on needs to be in order to fit the airlines you typically travel on. 

    According to Travel + Leisure, the standard American domestic carry-on luggage size is 22″ x 14″ x 9″, which includes the handle and wheels. 

    This size is just small enough to fit in a plane’s overhead compartment on most major airlines. 

    If you’re still looking for the perfect carry-on for your trip, the Flex Vega and the Flex Aura have you covered! Our Flex Vega Cabin and Flex Aura Cabin bags fit carry-on requirements for most major airlines, keeping your belongings safe and snug in the overhead compartment! 

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    Packing Volume 

    Whether you’re bound for a quick weekend trip or headed for a week-long island vacation, a carry-on bag allows you to bring all of your essentials (without having to skimp on space for souvenirs — if you choose the right one!) 

    The key to traveling light is maximizing every corner of your suitcase. So, what better way to start than by choosing a suitcase that fits all your travel essentials without looking bulky? 

    Each of our Rollink luggage can store 3-4 days of clothes and 2-3 pairs of shoes each! 

    Bonus tip: To make the most of your luggage space, check out our Rollink Packing Cubes! Keep items like hair care, jewelry and slippers in place while leaving more room for your OOTD pieces. 

    To safely store your toiletries, check out our water-repellent, machine-washable Hanging Toiletry Bag. Transport your toiletries on the road or in the air, while leaving plenty of space for your other essentials. 

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    For most major domestic airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue, there are no weight restrictions for carry-on bags — as long as you can move it around and lift it into the storage bin. 

    However, airlines such as Frontier and Hawaiian Airlines have a maximum carry-on luggage weight of 35 pounds and 25 pounds, respectively. 

    Our durable yet collapsible Rollink bags weigh just 5-7 pounds each! 

    Bonus tip: To prevent excess baggage charges, use a travel scale to weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport, so you’re not met with any surprises! 


    It’s no secret that one of the struggles of frequent flying is luggage that wears down over time. 

    From gliding your suitcase through security check points and immigration to bumpy baggage claim rides, mishandling your bag, your luggage may face dents, scratches and even squeaky wheels that have a mind of their own or a jammed handle. 

    To clean the exterior of canvas luggage: 

    • Check the zippers: Assess the zippers by pulling the tab repeatedly. The pulling tab should glide through the chain without breaking. 
    • Rotate the wheels: Check if the wheels glide smoothly while staying in place. Gently jiggle the luggage to see if the wheels are firmly attached to the bag. 
    • Assess the handle: Gauge if the handle seamlessly moves up when pulled and retracts all the way down without getting jammed. 

    With Rollink, you won’t have to worry about stuck wheels or a jammed handle en route to your destination, thanks to the reliable anatomy of our suitcases: sturdy yet silent coated wheels and a height-adjustable telescopic handle. 


    When it comes to choosing a suitcase, don’t forget about storage! Properly storing your luggage is part of giving it some TLC so it lasts longer and looks fresh even after it’s made its way around the world with you. 

    When you think of luggage, you probably think of bulky, heavy bags that end up in the garage or taking up too much space in your closet between travel. Not at Rollink! 

    Our Rollink suitcases are lightweight, durable and collapsible. The Flex Vega and Flex Aura fold to just 2’’ thick when not in use, so you can neatly stow it away until your next vacation! 

    We ensure you experience a seamless adventure, from the moment you leave the airport until you reach your destination! 

    Wrapping Up On Carry-On Bags 

    While the recent travel news might make you think twice about looking forward to a much-deserved beach hop in the Caribbean (hey, dream a little!), a carry-on bag helps put your mind at ease. 

    How? By ensuring all your travel essentials are with you, whether waiting at the airport for your connecting flight or pulling it down from the overhead compartment when you land at your destination. 

    To recap, here are the key factors to consider before splurging on a new carry-on bag: 

    • Size 
    • Packing Volume 
    • Weight 
    • Durability 
    • Storage 

    At Rollink, our durable, resilient and stylish luggage fits carry-on requirements for most major airlines. 

    Choose from two variants, Flex Vega or Flex Aura, to keep you company on your next adventure! And once you set foot back home feeling recharged, our luggage is a breeze to tuck away thanks to its collapsible feature. 

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